About me

IMG_8480[1]G’day, and welcome to my blog, Sophie Rai Liur!

I’m Sophie, a 26-year-old Australian living and working in Dili, Timor-Leste.

My surname, Raynor, guides the name of this blog: the phonetically similar phrase rai liur translates as “abroad” in Tetun, Timor’s most widely spoken local language, and very neatly describes my current overseas situation.

I moved here in March 2017 as a participant in the AVID volunteering program and spent a wonderful year working a local NGO as a communications volunteer (read more about my work here).

I’ve since finished my assignment and chosen to remain in Dili, looking for freelance writing and communications work and drinking as many $1 coconuts as a gal can handle.

I started this blog to record my memories, share my stories with my friends back home, and to provide scraps of information for the nervous newcomers, AVID or otherwise, who may be nervously googling “gym class Dili?” like I was in the months before I made my move.

Here, I write about my daily life in Dili, learning Tetun, the ethics of being an expat (and whether we should use that word at all), and what it’s like being an anxious, neurotic perfectionist in one of Asia’s most easygoing countries. You can search my posts by category and keyword here.

Please email anytime to say hello or to ask a question – sophieraynor10 at gmail dot com – or find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for your interest in my life here in Timor-Leste — I hope you enjoy reading this blog.